Who Are We
New and ulike anything in its format Bar located in the middle of urbanistic cultural center on the October street. Middle Ground has absorbed years of gastronomic journey around the world, learning and understanding particular features of street food and gourmet kitchen. It’s been a while to realize how to combine simple and sophisticated and add a pint of cold and refreshing beer. We have collected the best hops from around the world to quench the thirst of the most demanding guest. Middle Ground offers wide range of premium beer, cooks extradentary, yet familiar delicacies and creates unforgettable mood.
Come To Us
Any excellent bar is a harmony of many aspects, such as: interior, food and drink, music, average bill and of course the staff. We have assembled a team of people who share our views not only regarding the service, but also about themselves, because a cheerful and contented team will always create coziness that you cannot find everywhere.

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